The Mauritius Billfish Release competition from January 23rd to 26th

The Mauritius Billfish Tournament will take place in Black River at the end of January, when the marlin fishing season is at its peak in Mauritius. Located on the west coast of the island and sheltered from the strong general winds, Black River is the ultimate place for memorable fishing!

The fight promises to be fierce between deep-sea fishing enthusiasts and their catches off the coast of Rivière Noire from 2 to 6 February 2019, during a competition that commits to “no-kill” for a better preservation of fish resources.

Mauritius has been a leading destination for deep-sea fishing for several decades. Many sport fishing enthusiasts from all over the world will gather there next February to compete for the Mauritius Billfish Release International Tournament 2019 trophy. At the same time, professionals and amateurs alike will try to secure a qualifying place for the IGFA Offshore World Championship, the world’s largest offshore fishing competition.

Mauritius Billfish Release sejour ile maurice


Located on the west coast at Black River, the island’s deep-sea fishing region par excellence, La Balise Marina’s association with this exciting sporting event was a natural fit. Partner of the event since the second edition in 2016, the first and only residential marina in Mauritius thus participates in the promotion of sustainable sport fishing.

Organised by enthusiasts and professionals of deep-sea fishing, the Mauritius Billfish Release International Tournament will be held in the heart of the marlin fishing season, which runs from November to April each year. The dates have been carefully chosen according to the moon and the tides. Sheltered from the prevailing winds, Black River also offers excellent fishing conditions.

La Balise Marine Ile Maurice

In accordance with the spirit of “no-kill” (also called “catch & release”), which is practiced with adapted equipment and techniques, all marlins will be put back in the water. This should allow the fish to survive and continue to evolve in their natural environment while preventing overfishing.

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