What are the best times to come to Mauritius?

Mauritius is a paradise island offering landscapes and beaches worthy of a postcard. It is the ideal place to spend a dream couple’s vacation or with family. Even though it is hot all year round on the island, it is important to know the best times to come to the island. You can enjoy your stay in Mauritius under the sun. Choose a Mauritius villa rental to combine nature and comfort.

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The different seasons in Mauritius

There are 2 seasons in Mauritius: tropical winter and tropical summer. The tropical winter is cooler and dry with the predominance of the trade wind. It usually takes place from May to November. During this season, the sea is warm and the sunlight is softer. This is the favorite season for Mauritians. The tropical summer is between December and April. This season is quite hot, with more or less rainy weather. You can choose the season according to your needs and the activities you want to do during your Mauritius holidays.

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The best periods according to the activities

Tourists come in bulk during the months of December and January. If you want to enjoy your privacy, avoid these months to come to the island. To fully enjoy the sun on the beach, the best time for you is from June to November. You can swim in the warm sea, with a mild sun. If the reason for your visit is mainly for scuba diving, the ideal time is from September to April. For your stay Mauritius, you have the opportunity to stay in a luxurious villa by opting for a villa for rent Mauritius such as Marguery Exclusive Villas.

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Winter, the best time to go to Mauritius

The best time to go to Mauritius is from June to October, during the winter period. You will enjoy a softer heat and a warm sea. It is more pleasant to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the island. However, it is important to know that coastal temperatures are more than 4 ° C higher than those in the interior. The West and North regions are warmer than the other regions of the island. Rain is also rarer. These regions are therefore preferable for your holidays on the island. For water sports enthusiasts such as kitesurfing, the ideal period is from July to August. Indeed, Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere, and the wind is much stronger during this period.

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Mauritius has all the assets to make you have an unforgettable holiday. There are 2 seasons on the island, including tropical summer and tropical winter. The ideal season to come to Mauritius is between June and October, during the winter season. The sea is warm and the sun is softer. But the sun is there all year, so your vacation on the island will be beautiful, no matter the chosen period.

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