Discover the most heavenly beaches of Mauritius

To spend an unforgettable Mauritius holiday is to enjoy all the places you cannot miss. The beaches of Mauritius are among the best tourist attractions in the world. The island, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, has magnificent beaches typical of the Mascarene Islands. Discover the most heavenly beaches of Mauritius.

The North Coast

grand bay ile maurice

It is one of the most visited places of Mauritius. So, get ready to see more people, especially during the weekends. The North Coast has several beaches, including La Cuvette which is located in Grand Bay, in Pointe aux Canonniers. The sea is calm, clean, and you can swim a little further from the shore without fear, even to dive deep. So, if you prefer the holiday atmosphere, this is the place you must visit without hesitation.


pereybere ile maurice

It is a discrete beach very prized for its cleanliness, the water is almost transparent. The fine white sand offers a refined and natural decor. The place is not busy, as tourists come here to enjoy a peaceful moment, away from the noise of holidaymakers, and away from prying eyes. The beach is quiet, there are no imposing hotels around. You can visit one of the restaurants located a few steps from the beach to enjoy fresh seafood dishes.

Trou Aux Biches

trou aux biches vacances ile maurice location villa sejour ile maurice

It is the most beautiful beach of the island, attracting stars and high personalities for its luxurious decor. It is part of the north coast. The turquoise sea is bordered by a sandy beach that puts you in a relaxing atmosphere. To enjoy it, nothing better than a walk along the shore, we often meet lovers in hand, come to celebrate their honeymoon. You can go scuba diving, and once there, you can dine at one of the local restaurants like The Flame Grill.

Flic en Flac

plage sable blanc vacances maurice location villa privee

It is a beach on the west coast of Mauritius, it is known around the world for its peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. You can enjoy the sunset, a wonderful time to spend with family or lovers. The beach has several street vendors selling drinks such as coconut water, as well as snacks including samoussa, chili-cake and other Mauritian specialties. The atmosphere is more festive on the weekends, as tourists come in groups to have fun together, around a campfire, an opportunity to make friends. You can stay for several days by opting for a Mauritius villa rental near the beach.

Rivière des Galets

If you want to breathe the sea air full, meditate or do yoga quietly, this is the place. Surrounded by thousands of pebbles, this beach is calm, you will only hear the sound of the ocean in a serene atmosphere, far from the infernal rhythm of everyday life. The beach is very clean, come enjoy the natural beauty of the sea, with huge waves creating a nice breeze on the shore. Under the blazing sun, you will enjoy an amazing atmosphere.


tamarin ile maurice

Here is a very popular place for glamorous stars and trendy young people. Come surf or windsurf on turquoise blue water surrounded by rocks and greenery as far as the eye can see. The waves of Tamarin are reputed to be the most appreciated by surfers, amateurs and professionals. You can also see the passage of dolphins. For this, do not hesitate to enjoy the moment with a boat ride a little further from the shore. If you prefer privacy, come in the week, the beach is less crowded. You can spend a long stay Mauritius by renting a villa on the outskirts of Tamarin such as Marguery Exclusive Villas.

Le Morne

le morne ile maurice

Dive into a postcard decor on this beach lined with palm trees, with the reflection of the clear and transparent sea. The Morne is a village which is nearby, the mountain Morne Brabant is part of the UNESCO heritage. The beach is accessible to the general public, the atmosphere is peaceful. The scenery is dominated by nature, it is the ideal place to make beautiful pictures as a souvenir. This beach is for those who want to enjoy a perfect view of Morne Brabant.

The beach of La Cambuse

It is a beach which is near the village of Mon Désert. It is a place that does not receive many visits, although it is also peaceful and pleasant. You find yourself between wild greenery and the blue lagoon. It is the ideal place to enjoy a moment of calm and serenity, however, the place is very windy and the current is strong enough. If you have children, the beach of Cambuse is not recommended.


It is an unmissable beach when you are in Mauritius. Guests can enjoy the cliffs overlooking the sea, as well as the coral reefs all around. Come discover the famous Roche Qui Creure. This name is given to one of the cliffs that is most confronted with the waves and seems to have tears flowing down its slope. The beach is very busy during holidays and weekends.

Ile aux Cerfs

ile aux cerfs ile maurice

Do not miss this place during your visit in Mauritius. The landscape is magical, decorated by a white sand beach and a clear water lagoon where you can enjoy the sun on the catamaran. The beach is lined with casuarinas and deckchairs for the general public. You can also enjoy various activities like parachute. Nearby are 5-star hotels and a golf course for those who love the sport.