Big game fishing in Mauritius

Does the thought of titillating and reeling in big catches thrill you? Good news, Mauritius specialises in this very challenging activity and Black River is the ideal starting point for great and memorable big-game fishing.

In Mauritius, discover a wide range of fish species:

Blue, black or striped marlin, sharks, skipjacks, dolphinfish (dorado), barracuda, coral grouper, swordfish, yellowfin tuna or dogtooth tuna… Each species has its own fishing calendar and particularities. Even more surprising, you can also come face-to-face with sharks: mako, white tip, bull or hammerhead sharks… Experience real thrills by challenging the lords of the ocean.

Mauritius boasts many world records. The ideal season is from October to April, but you can fish all year round while trolling or using live bait. You can learn more with our travel advices.

An appetiser of your fishing day 

Jump on board a large and very well-equipped speedboat and head out to sea. The wait may be long, but the view of the island is awe-inspiring and if you are lucky, you could even come across dolphins or flying fish. Bask in the luxury on board while waiting for a strike.

Can you feel your rod quivering? The excitement builds and it is high time you harness yourself. It’s going to be a long, tough fight, especially if you’ve hooked a marlin. The animal puts up a fight and stages spectacular jumps. If tenacity and luck are on your side, you will bring the beast back with the help of the crew and proudly pose beside your catch on the pier for a photo when you get back.

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