Surfing in Mauritius

The south-west of Mauritius is ideal for surfing. An internationally renowned spot since the 1970s, Tamarin is the historical cradle to one of the most mythical waves in the world: Santosha. Surfing is Tamarin’s emblematic sport: between its surf wear shops, school and boathouse, an atmosphere worthy of a relaxed and cool village surf spot.

The immense bay with fine sand is home to three surfing spots. Dal, the best known, reserved for experienced surfers, offers amazing sensations when the wind is eastward, therefore offshore. It is the most popular spot. In the bay, depending on the swell, it is easy to surf; moreover, it hosts a surf school. Blackstone, at the other end of the bay, known for its right and beautiful break, brings surfers back to a rugged and wild coast along a forest. Blackstone therefore remains a spot for experienced surfers, especially since you have to cross the bay on foot or row to get there. The ideal conditions to surf in Tamarin are during the southern winter, from May to November, where the swell is at its best, but you can surf all year round!

Surf spots in Tamarin and La Pointe du Morne

For those who wish to venture a little further, it is also possible to surf at La pointe du Morne. The most experienced surfers will enjoy One Eye, which is suitable for both regular and goofy surfers, as there are both rights and lefts. Beginners can stay a little closer to the shore.

Our tips to enjoy the waves

You do not have to bring your own equipment; you can easily rent your boards in surf shops.

Beginners prefer the small right on the beach break near Tamarin beach. The more experienced can surf the reef spots further out at sea. Watch out when falling, there is sometimes less than 50 cm of water.

The best season for experienced surfers is during the southern winter, especially from June to August.

Do not hesitate to ask the concierge for advice about this activity.