Grand Bassin Sacred Lake

Grand Bassin, also known as Ganga Talao, is a lake located in the crater of an ancient volcano. According to Hindu belief, the water of the lake originates from the Ganges, a sacred Indian river. It is a pilgrimage site for people of Hindu faith in Mauritius.

Once there, it is impossible to miss the huge statue of Shiva 33 metres high.

The site has several temples dedicated to the different deities which are represented in the form of coloured statues. Incense, flowers and food offerings are often found at their feet.

Besides the sacred aspect of the premises, the natural surroundings are very beautiful and offers a soothing atmosphere. Look out for monkeys who spend their time looting offerings for a feast!

Good to know for your visit

You are in a sacred place of worship; proper attire is required with arms and legs covered. If you enter the temple, do not forget to remove your shoes.

If you are blessed by one of the officiating monks, do not be surprised to leave with a paint mark on your forehead. It is supposed to protect you and can be easily removed with soap and water.

If you go through the prayer hall, don’t forget to make a wish.

For an unforgettable experience

Once a year, between February and March, the Maha Shivaratri pilgrimage is held over 3 days and 3 nights. On this occasion, thousands of pilgrims set out on foot, carrying on their backs, mobile altars known as kanwars, representing different deities. Their objective is to walk to Beau Bassin and according to the local tradition; each person of Hindu faith must undertake this pilgrimage at least once in his life. This traditional festival is one of the most important of the year.