A culinary exploration in the streets of Port Louis

Food is a good way to discover the culture of a country. Like its rainbow nation, Mauritian cuisine is full of colour and flavour. At the crossroads of the maritime routes of Asia, Africa and Europe, Port Louis became the capital of the island in 1731 and today bears witness to its rich history, especially its culinary history.

Take a walk through the different neighbourhoods in Port Louis. Each stop will be an opportunity to taste a specialty under the shade of historical buildings. On the way you will discover typical foods reflecting the different ethnic groups of the island.

Each meal in Port Louis is a story in itself: the story of the person who cooks, the story of his family (recipes are passed down from generation to generation) and the story of those who migrated to Mauritius over the centuries. Some of the dishes have remained the same as those of their country of origin. But many have been revisited and garnished with a distinct Mauritian touch.

Street food, a religion 

In Mauritius, street food is raised to the rank of religion. Among all the delights that await you during this exploration: succulent dumplings in broth, ‘rotis’ – Indian pancakes with cooked vegetables and spicy fillings, grilled nuts, and for those with a sense of adventure, ‘gatos pima’, fried cakes with chillies.

Strolling along the paved streets of the capital will give you an insight into the history and culture of the people who migrated over the centuries. If you want to know more about Mauritian gastronomy, don’t miss our dedicated blog article.

Contact the concierge service of Marguery Exclusive Villas to organise your trip to Port Louis to explore the Mauritian street cuisine. You will understand why Mauritians are so proud of their culture and cuisine!