Guide Mauritius : Discover Le Morne !

When you think of Mauritius, you probably imagine white sand beaches surrounded by beautiful colors of the waters of the Indian Ocean, but hey, did you know that there are epic mountains that you can climb a few minutes from the beach? In this article, you will read everything you need to know about Le Morne Brabant.

Visible from a large part of the southwest of Mauritius, the emblematic Le Morne Brabant (556 m) is a beautiful rocky cliff that gave its name to this magnificent peninsula. In the form of a hammerhead, the peninsula has some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, now home to a number of high-end hotels. The coast of the peninsula to Baie du Cap is one of the most beautiful in the country.

Le Morne Ile Maurice

This majestic basaltic mountain with a summit of 556 meters above sea level, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is of considerable cultural importance to the inhabitants of the island. The summit covers an area of more than 12 hectares (30 acres) with numerous caves and overhangs on steep slopes. It is in large part surrounded by the beautiful Mauritian lagoon and is one of the most important tourist sites of Mauritius.

Le Morne Ile Maurice

Protected by the secluded, wooded and almost inaccessible cliffs of the mountain, the escaped slaves formed small colonies in the caves and at the top of Le Morne. The traditions associated with the Maroons have made Le Morne a symbol of the struggle of the slaves for freedom, their sufferings and their sacrifices, all of which have a connection with the countries of origin of the slaves-the African continent, Madagascar, India and southeast Asia.

Le Morne Ile Maurice

Some of the most beautiful hotels and golf courses are located in Le Morne. The oldest ones were created with the arrival of the first tourists on the island and have an authentic hotel culture. There is something for everyone; Whether you prefer to walk along the kilometers of white sandy beaches, practice sea sports or just relax and rest. The southern part of Le Morne is also the ideal place to experience kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing in the strong south-east trade winds, which are reinforced after crossing the high mountains of the Black River gorges.

Le Morne Ile Maurice

A veritable paradise for hikers who stay in Mauritius, Le Morne Brabant is one of the spectacular summits of the island. Many activities can be practiced in Le Morne and a tour is a must for this corner of the island. To mark your holidays in Mauritius, you can for example opt for trekking in the mountains. This trekking is divided into two stages: the first is to follow the steep path that crosses half the mountain and the second to reach the top using the ropes installed on the rock walls, ideal for adventurers in search of adrenaline rush and in good physical shape.

Le Morne Ile Maurice Kitesurf

Le Morne beach is particularly popular with surfers and kitesurfers. The conditions are ideal for practicing these sports almost all year round. Many competitions are organized each year, bringing together international participants such as the Kiteival. The spot is well suited to all kitesurfing skills.

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