TOP 5 best restaurants in Tamarin, Mauritius

With their cosmopolitan population, the villages of Tamarin and Black River have a large choice of local and international restaurants, from the most modest to the most gastronomic. Enough to satisfy all your desires…

Immediate boarding for a culinary journey. We’ll make you mouth-watering with the TOP 5 favourite restaurants of Marguery Exclusive Villas:


Located right across the street from our resort, this restaurant is dedicated to true carnivores who appreciate good medium rare meat. This authentic South African steak house and grill boasts a wide selection of excellent local and imported meats.

The atmosphere is very friendly and the menu is complete with burgers and salads in addition to the meats. South African wine list to enjoy. 

Our favourites: the famous biltongs (dried meat), the spare ribs (marinated pork ribs), the Tournedos from the grill.

Nos coups de cœur : les fameux biltongs (viande séchée), les spare ribs (côtes de porc marinées), les pavés de Tournedos du grill.


medium rare steakhouse
©Medium Rare Steakhouse


Just a two-minute walk from Marguery Exclusive Villas, this bouchon lyonnais-style bistro offers traditional and varied French cuisine. You can enjoy an excellent black pudding, local smoked marlin tartare, but also tasty duck breast or andouillette.

The relaxed atmosphere and bistro decor are ideal for those who want to enjoy a meal with good French cuisine. Traditional dishes of the day and an interesting wine list, with notably small and unknown producers.

Our favourites: the snails with garlic butter, the foie gras and the half-cooked tuna steak (depending on availability).





The best pizzas in Tamarin! Located in the village, five minutes’ drive from our resort, the small restaurant is perfectly in the surf & relax spirit of the west coast. Cosa Nostra offers a wide choice of wood-fired pizzas (on site or to take away) but also Italian and European dishes. It is a cosy place, perfect for families with its tables set in an indoor garden. 

Our favourites? The Ai Miele pizza, the Prosciutto di Parma and the homemade lasagne, accompanied by the famous local beer, the Phoenix.

Live music on Friday nights.


cosa nostra mauritius



The oldest restaurant in Tamarin, located five minutes from Marguery Exclusive Villas, is a must for discovering Mauritian cuisine with French inspiration. It serves a menu based on Mauritian game, but also offers a wide range of seafood and fish dishes. The atmosphere is very friendly, the food is tasty and there is a karaoke session on Wednesdays.

Our favourites: the braised palm (as a starter), the fish and aubergine curry and the beef or venison salmis (depending on the season) for a nice insight into Mauritian gastronomy.

la bonne chute ile maurice



Welcome to the only authentic Thai restaurant on the West Coast! Nestled in a sumptuous tropical garden, Ousaporn offers a varied, spicy and succulent cuisine, authentically Thai for the greatest satisfaction of the taste buds. Five minutes’ walk from Marguery Exclusive Villas, it is a delightful change of scenery and taste. You can enjoy a wide range of succulent starters, many fried prawns, meat and vegetarian dishes.

Our favourites: Tom Yum Goong Yai (fried shrimps served with soup, ultra-spicy), Gang Ka ti, a red curry with coconut milk and Gai Pad King (chicken sautéed with ginger) 

ousaporn thai restaurant tamarin ile maurice


Mauritius offers a genuine culinary journey of the flavours and sensations to gourmets and food lovers. Discover shortly on our travel diary the other good addresses in Tamarin and Black River close to our resort Marguery Exclusive Villas.