Theatre play “Ils S’aiment” at the Caudan Arts Center in Port-Louis on March 7

Sheryl Smith and Vincent Duvergé as a duo present their version of “Ils s’aiment” a piece by Muriel Robin. In this play, we find different stages of the couple’s life! Many will find themselves there.

In humour as in love, all the blows are allowed. All the blows are daring for this young couple that some qualify as “Chouchou” and “Loulou” local, in reference to the French series “Un gars, une fille”. Known for their corrosive humour when they perform everyday life sketches on Radio One’s YouTube channel, Vincent Duvergé and Sheryl Smith will take to the stage at the Caudan Arts Centre for a “one-couple-show” on March 7.

Passionate about dramatic theatre, Sheryl Smith will be on stage to ensure a show that promises to be a perfect blend of stand-up and play. A project made possible after Sheryl Smith won the Caudan Live in the Theatre category in 2018. One of the awards offered the opportunity to perform at the Caudan Arts Centre.

Pièce de théâtre Ils s’aiment au Caudan Arts Center sejour ile maurice

Composed of a series of sketches, “Ils s’aiment” is a Mauritian rehabilitation of a Muriel Robin show, directed by François Achille. Each sketch relates a different moment in the life of a couple. The characters evolve and grow. The play and the approach are different. The play deals hilariously with homosexuality, divorce, conflict, cheating… All the good and bad sides of married life.

With videos totaling thousands of views on One TV, the couple’s popularity continues to grow. That doesn’t mean they consider themselves celebrities. Very down-to-earth, Vincent Duvergé doesn’t like to use the terms “celebrity” and even less so “star” to describe himself. He was in the spotlight very early on with his parodies on YouTube in 2013.

During the play, the audience accompanies the couple on their wedding day where the bride makes a revelation to her husband during a reconciliation following an argument over a meal with “Gérard and Toinette”, through his first conduct, a phone conversation while they are with their lovers, a rather lively discussion about their parents, and an evening with their best friend who turned out to be gay.

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