Keïvan Cadinouche, portraying islands in black and white

Between Tamarin Bay where he surfs and paddles, and other Indian Ocean islands that he loves, this French-Mauritian photographer brings his silver film camera everywhere to immortalise slices of life and moments gleaned from daily life, which are sublimated by the silver particles on the film. For more than 15 years now, he has been seeking timelessness on the dusty trails of Madagascar, on the roads of a coastal village in Zanzibar, in the small, dry valleys of Rodrigues, equipped with his backpack and travelling via disparate means of transport… Sharing quality time, communicating despite the language frontier, capturing snippets of life and translating all those into black and white photos.

It is, however, his island and Tamarin, where he lives that most inspire him; peaceful villages where life runs smoothly, craft trades which have deserted towns, grace-filled moments when man and nature truly reveal themselves.

Keïvan Cadinouche is the author of numerous publications and has held many exhibitions. Limited series printings are sold throughout the world via his website, and you can also like his page and follow him on Facebook.