Fun activities for children in Mauritius

Spending time with your children on an island looks exciting – you can combine the perfect blend of sun, sport and family fun! So, when it comes to planning a family vacation, you can be really stressed searching for the ideal family activities. If you are looking for a place where all of your family can swim in the turquoise water, sunbath on the white sandy beach, discover the beautiful marine life and do exciting activities, then Mauritius is perfect for your holiday destination.


Casela World of Adventure

An indispensable place for families with children! Casela World of Adventures is a natural park of 14 hectares, offering fun and entertaining activities. In addition to being a zoo of big cats, giraffes, rhinoceros, exotic birds, and African mammals, you will have the chance to indulge in fun activities such as karting, zip lines, quad, canyoning, pony rides, slides, a children’s farm, and the list goes on.

Crocodile Park – La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes

Discover the world of the amazing reptilians! With magnificent animals, a spectacular aquarium life, a fun corner for children, an insectarium and a museum, the Vanilla Crocodile Park is a great place for families. It is home to the second largest crocodilian and one of the largest species of turtles in the world! This natural park covers 3.5 hectares with lush vegetation composed of beautiful palm trees, banana trees, giant bamboo, and other beautiful shrubs, reflecting a tropical forest.

L’Aventure Du Sucre

L’Aventure Du Sucre is a former sugar factory converted into a museum where you will have the unique opportunity to discover the history of Mauritius and its plantations of sugar cane from the Dutch, French and British periods. This is worth a visit with members of the family and the children, where they can all learn the history and culture of the Mauritian sugar. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to watch evocative movies of the early years before discovering everything there is to know about the sugar industry in Mauritius. Normally, it takes about two hours to complete the tour and it ends with different sugars and Mauritian rum tasting session.

Maurice Aquarium

Ideal for children, the Aquarium of Mauritius offers you an authentic experience of marine discovery! Located in the Northwest of the island of Mauritius, the aquarium houses many marine species, including sharks, giant morays, squirrels, clown fish, butterfly fish, lobsters, crabs, and sea turtles. Cross the five well-designed buildings of the aquarium and discover the rich aquatic life inhabiting the crystal-clear waters of the Mauritian lagoon. The aquarium offers the possibility to attend the feeding sessions that take place every day at 11:00 and 15:00.

Parc Naturel de la Vallée des Couleurs

The Vallée des Couleurs is one of the most famous and unique attractions that fascinate the locals and tourists. Nature lovers and families will love the Valley des Couleurs, which offers a unique experience of wildlife and native flora, as well as various activities and fun excursions, adapted to all ages. Visitors will enjoy natural landscapes, including trays, mountains, valleys, craters, and crater lakes.

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