Hiking day at La Tourelle in Tamarin

In Mauritius, it is hard to miss the rich Mauritian fauna. The Tourelle of Tamarin, a 552 m mountain offers the best view of the whole western region of Mauritius.

Its gentle, tree-lined cut-out is Tamarin’s signature. This mountain of 552 meters at its highest point offers a pleasant trail trip of medium difficulty to lovers of discovery hiking. (As the site is private, permission from the owners for access is required but never refused). Equipped with good shoes and water, start early for the 2-hour hike in the heart of Bélougué, a private division. We follow a tree-lined path before crossing an undergrowth where we climb picturesque wooden ladders over fences.

la tourelle tamarin sejour ile maurice

You have to climb quite a bit for half an hour, just to get your legs going. But already, the effort is paying off, as Tamarin is starting to show its face. We discover the whole bay, from Dale, the mythical surf spot, to Wolmar, with its first hotels. You can see the river meandering between the wooded foliage before it flows into the sea. We continue to climb up the mountainside, between steep rocks and sparse vegetation.

The last effort is the summit and its breathtaking panorama over the interior, the entire west coast as far as Le Morne and, behind you, the Gorges and the National Park. A straw at the tail tears the azure of the sky with a white veil, a breeze refreshes your neck: savour the moment.

The level of difficulty of this hike is moderate because the ascent is not that long, but some passages require a good physical level. This hike is not recommended for young children and in case of heavy rain it is best to avoid venturing there.

Once at the top of La Tourelle, you will not fail to appreciate the splendid view of the Morne, Tamarin, the Black River Gorges, the Three Mamelles, the Corps de Garde. It’s simply magnificent.

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