General terms and conditions of sale


  1. During the booking process, a summary of the services invoiced as well as the dates of stay will be sent to the customer 50% of the total invoiced amount must be paid as a deposit to confirm the reservation with MJ Holidays Ltd.
  2. The balance of which must be paid at latest 10 (ten) days prior to the date of arrival in the villa except in « peak » season where the balance will have to be settled 45 (forty-five) days prior to the date of arrival. In the event of non-compliance with this condition, MJ Holidays reserves the right to cancel the reservation, and to charge a cancellation fee directly from the deposit received in accordance with our cancellation policy.
  3. The payment of the deposit and the balance of the invoice can be done either by bank transfer or by credit card (Visa / MasterCard) via a secure link.
    In case of bank transfer, please ensure that the payment is free of bank charges.


  1. The customer may, by written notice, cancel his booking at any time. It is, however, agreed that in case of cancellation:
    Less than 7 days before arrival, including cases of no-show, the entire stay is due.
    Between 8 and 20 days, 50% of the stay is due
    Between 21 days and 30 days, 30% of the stay is due
    Beyond, no cancellation fees
    For the Peak season only: in case of cancellation less than 45 days, the entire stay is due.
  2. Changing a reservation after payment of the deposit is subject to availability, and any change is subject to a new quote. In the event where both parties accept to change the dates of stay or the type of villa rented, an administrative fee may be charged should the stay be postponed by more than 3 months.

It is highly recommended to take out special insurance to cover any eventual cancellation fees.


The rental of our villas is only available for the clients and number of guests specified on the booking form or during exchange of emails. Any subletting, sharing or invitation of external persons is prohibited.
Check-in is at 2 p.m. and check-out at 11 a.m.


When checking in, a deposit of 500 € will be required. You are therefore requested to present a credit card in your name; this deposit will be taken in the form of a debit authorisation on your credit card. The authorisation will be cancelled at latest 10 (ten) days after your departure, provided no damage has occurred during the stay. The arrival and departure inventory was designed for this purpose.


  • Avoid causing noise pollution that would in any way disturb the peace and quiet of neighbours occupying the premises. The property has a zero tolerance policy for noise after 10 p.m.
  • Avoid any act or oversight that could cause damage to the premises or result in the nullity or voidability of a premises insurance policy.
  • Authorise MJ Holidays personnel to enter the premises during reasonable hours for condition and maintenance inspection.
  • Take care of the premises by keeping the interior in order and in good condition.
  • Restore any damage caused to the premises by accepting to reimburse the breakage, loss of keys or the excess housekeeping.
  • A delay of 12 hours is granted to the customer after taking possession of the villa to report any error on the arrival inventory. The said premises is otherwise deemed to have been delivered to him in good condition.
  • You are forbidden to assign and/ or delegate one or more of your rights and/ or obligations under this Agreement.
  • You are forbidden to use the property for any other purpose than that of holiday accommodation. Any other use must be approved by MJ Holidays in advance.
  • Inform MJ Holidays of the arrival of any other guest and assume full responsibility for their behaviour on the property.
  • You are forbidden to remove appliances, dishes, bedding or other equipment. Out of consideration for other guests, it is forbidden to hang towels or clothes on balconies or balustrades.