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At the same time breeder, handyman, transporter, and trader, the beekeeper has a very diversified job. Today a beekeeper must perfectly control the life cycles of bees, be able to produce or install queens at any time, and feel the needs of his breeding to overcome any difficulties.

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Etienne de Senneville began beekeeping as a hobby in 2008. He began selling small quantities to his friends and family. As is the demand has increased, it will rise to 1000 hives in 2023. He is today, the main producer of 100% pure and natural honey, around Mauritius. His honey comes from the forest of a national reserve, known as the Black River Gorges, located in the southwest of Mauritius. Passionate and dedicated, special attention is paid to the healthy development of the colonies, which provides the best honey.

In addition to harvesting honey, the beekeeper’s main role is to ensure the survival of bees and their development. He must arrange his apiary so as to favor the organization and work of the bees. They are able to find natural housing but face many dangers such as pesticides and pollution. The beekeeper provides some kind of healthy and protected habitat.

To practice the profession of a beekeeper, you must have a good knowledge of bees, their operation, their anatomy, their characteristics … You must regularly learn about diseases, products or enemies of the bee to be able to better protect the colony.

ruchers senneville sejour ile maurice


Benefits of honey

Honey has great qualities for health. The best-known grandmother’s throat remedy is to dilute it in a tea or hot milk to treat irritations. Honey is also used to sublimate the skin: it is powerful healing, which can allow you to repair and moisturize your face if you apply it as a mask. Mix a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of yogurt, add the essential oils that match your skin type, and you will get a fresh mask that is very quick to make and easy to use. Honey will leave your skin soft and purified!

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