Discover the Blue Marlin fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable holiday. Its splendid landscapes and paradisiacal beaches make it one of the best destinations in the world. Visitors are not likely to get bored on the island as there is so much activity to do, including fishing. Off the coast of the island, the big fish are waiting to be caught. Among them are the Blue Marlin, a fish of 4 meters that promises great sensations during your Mauritius holidays.

sejour ile maurice big game fishing

Big game fishing in Mauritius

Big game fishing in Mauritius dates from 1960 when big game fishermen decide to create the “Morne Anglers Club”, which still exists today. The club has already achieved a lot of world records. The island is famous for its abundant marine life, with large fish. Since the creation of the club, visitors and service providers have traveled through Mauritian waters in search of a beautiful blue marlin. You can boast of having achieved a feat when the fish exceeds 450 kg. A feat because sometimes it takes hours to get hold of this gigantic fish. Even the most experienced sometimes have difficulties, but that’s part of the game.

The Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is the most popular catch for big game anglers because it is hard to catch. Perseverance and good physical condition are required to capture it. With a length of 4 meters, it can weigh up to 820 kg for females. For males, they weigh up to 160 kg. Powerful, this fish does not let itself be easily caught. It is precisely for this reason that it is very much in demand by sport fishing enthusiasts. If you wish to try your luck during your stay in Mauritius, the Mauritian sea welcomes you with open arms.

sejour ile maurice big game fishing

Competitions every year

Fans and visitors are increasingly interested in big game fishing in Mauritius. National and international competitions are organized each year by the Morne Anglers club. If a fisherman brings back a Marlin, it is because he had several hours of fighting before winning. He will then be acclaimed as a true champion. As you try your luck, who knows if you are going to break the record for the biggest Marlin caught so far? Fish your first Blue Marlin by opting for a villa to rent in Mauritius, such as Marguery Exclusive Villas that can organize your activities in Mauritius.

The Marlin, a dangerous fish

Big game fishing is a popular activity, but some fish are quite dangerous and cannot be easily caught. The Marlin has a size and a remarkable strength. One must be wary when it is struggling because it can cause serious injuries. When the fish is green, it is still endowed with great power and it is necessary to be vigilant. But all these difficulties are part of the game, and only the bravest will manage to fish a Blue Marlin.

sejour ile maurice big game fishing

Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing, as the name suggests, refers to the big fish, not easy to catch. For this type of sport fishing, the stakes are enormous. As they are very big fish, the materials used during the Big Game Fishing are of consistent size. The game requires patience, power and speed. The slightest mistake can give reason to this big fish and it will not be easy to catch it. To participate, you can rent a villa in Mauritius, like Marguery Exclusive Villas, and we will organize your Big Game Fishing activity.

Big Game Fishing trip

In Mauritius, big game fishing trips are organized mostly by large hotels. You can benefit from it during your holiday rental villa Mauritius. For a full day, you will have the opportunity to go on an adventure on a fishing boat that can accommodate up to 6 passengers, including 3 fishermen. You will have plenty of time to immerse yourself in fishing if you are a beginner. By persevering, you may be doing a good job. By its amazing size, the Blue Marlin is a legendary fish that is one of the most targeted big fish for big game fishing. With a little luck, you’ll see them roam around the boat before attempting to fish them.

sejour ile maurice big game fishing

Grand Bay fishing

The north of the island offers beautiful weather, with turquoise blue waters. It is the ideal part of the island for big game fishing. Being accompanied by professionals, you can be sure not to go home empty-handed, as this area of the island is abundant. The sea is full of magnificent fish of incredible sizes. Towards the North, you will have the opportunity to pass by Cap Malheureux, by the cliffs of Coin de Mire, then to the north near the islet Gabriel. No matter what your level is, you will be assisted by professionals who have a perfect command of big game fishing techniques. Also, they have great knowledge of the territory and know exactly where to find blue Marlins. For your short breaks, you can take the opportunity to visit some islands such as Gabriel Island or Flat Island. In the middle of a landscape worthy of a postcard, take a delicious lunch to regain strength before resuming the adventure.

sejour ile maurice big game fishing

Mauritius has many tourist attractions, making it one of the best destinations in the world. Apart from the land activities that are not lacking on the island, it is also possible to participate in a sport fishing by going to conquer big fish. The Blue Marlin is the most popular fish for big game fishing because it is gigantic and powerful. It is not easy to fish and only the bravest can do it. But the more difficult the fight is, the more exquisite the victory is. Try your luck in the north of the island and make a new record for the biggest Marlin ever caught so far.

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