The best time for your stay in Mauritius

Before answering this question and organizing your next Mauritius holiday, it is worth pointing out that there is a difference in climate between the east coast and the west coast. The climate is also different between the south and the north, and there are only two seasons in Mauritius. To simplify, there is the austral summer which extends from November to April during which the temperature oscillates between 27 ° and 34 °. The austral winter, on the other hand, is drier and the temperatures are milder. It starts in May and ends in October, and the temperature varies between 17 ° and 26 °.

The choice between the two seasons

Both seasons are both appropriate periods for your Mauritius holiday. In summer, you just need to bring your sunscreen to prevent sunburn. In addition, the waters of the beaches are at ambient temperature. Even when you take a shower, you will not even need hot water. On the other hand, the winter period is cooler, but also dry. It is softer, but it is without comparison with the European winter. It is possible that the temperature of the water decreases a little, but it is still hot.

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The ideal moment according to your expectations

Summer is considered the best time to go deep sea fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving when the waters are clear and offer excellent visibility. It’s also a fabulous season to spend your days in the sun and enjoy the sensational beaches of Mauritius. Rain may occur from November to April and, although Mauritius has cyclones, they are usually quite rare and the resort is equipped to accommodate them.

During the winter, temperatures are cooler and there are generally fewer crowds. It’s also a fabulous time for surfers who want to enjoy stellar conditions and waves. The coldest month of the year tends to be in August. Even in these conditions, maximum temperatures prevail of about 20 ° C. The other winter months, the climate can be perfect and maximum temperatures of 26 ° C. Even in winter, the hours of light are long with the sunrise at 06:00 and sunset around 18:00. In addition to surfing, winter is the perfect time to practice land-based activities such as hiking and quad biking.

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Activities you can indulge in Mauritius

It is a dream destination if you want to have a holiday that lives up to your expectations. Indeed, the climate is already ready to embellish your holidays, because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of the beach all year long. If you like sunbathing, swimming, or if you are a fan of water sports, a trip to Mauritius will be very beneficial for you. If you like thrills, it can also satisfy you. You can do parachute jumps or hikes in its different mountains. It also has a park with zip lines and suspension bridges (Casela Nature Park). This small island offers a wide range of activity, no matter when you land on the island.

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In the end, because of the tropical climate throughout the year and the fact that summer and winter have their advantages and disadvantages, there is no ideal period, ideal season or best month. to travel to Mauritius. It depends largely on your flexibility (for example, do you have specific annual vacation periods?), Your preferences (do you want to experience holidays or annual festivals?), And activities you want to do (the wind from the coast will be perfect in July for surfers, for example). In any case, it is important to determine the best time to go to Mauritius and book your sensational trip accordingly.

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