Chamarel, la terre aux sept couleurs

One of the natural wonders of Mauritius, the Seven Coloured Earths is a geological phenomenon unique in the world. In the Chamarel clearing, you can spot small earth dunes whose colours oscillate between red, ochre, brown, grey, blue and purple. The colour palette varies according to the light, thus always offering a new show.

Formed by very ancient volcanic flows, containing mineral oxides of different colours, the earth does not mix with each colour remaining distinct. While you are not allowed to walk on the dunes, you can still admire this unique place, where no plants grow, from the footbridges and two kiosks set up.

To complete your visit

The Seven Coloured Earths is not the only thing to discover in Chamarel! Before arriving on the spot, do not miss the enthralling Chamarel waterfall. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it is about 100 metres high. The estate also has a century-old giant tortoise park that is very popular with children.

On the heights of the Chamarel village and amidst a green setting of sugarcane and pineapple, stands the rum distillery. A guided tour of 30 minutes is offered to uncover all the secrets involved in the manufacture of this emblematic island drink. Also learn the difference between traditional rum and agricultural rum! Do not skip the tasting session at the end of the tour before visiting the store.

Those with a distinct taste for adventure will let themselves be tempted by the Chamarel Park with its zip lines, Nepalese bridges or by the quirks of the Curious Corner.