Stand-up paddle in Mauritius

With its beautiful turquoise lagoons and rivers, Mauritius is a small paradise for stand-up paddle rides. Standing on a large board and armed with a paddle, let yourself glide over the water surface to discover the shoreline or the banks from a new perspective.

The stand-up paddle is an easy sport to practise and accessible to all. For families with small children, note that equipped with life jackets, children can easily sit at the front of the SUP and enjoy the ride.

Starting from Marguery Exclusive Villas, there are several circuits for you to choose from. You can choose to stay along the coastline or explore the Tamarin River.

The stand-up paddle session

We strongly recommend exploring the Tamarin River on your paddle.

Your trip will start with a short debrief. Then, your guide will help beginners master the correct movements to be able to launch yourselves in the adventure.

Along the water, discover not only nature but part of the history of Mauritius. The mangrove fauna and flora is very rich: birds, vegetation, monkeys… so many surprises lie ahead with each paddle stroke.

Depending on the time of day, you can enjoy breakfast or an appetiser!

Good to know

 If you want to extend the fun or go solo, you can easily rent the equipment. Do not hesitate to try the experience to witness the beauty of the sunset at La Preneuse beach 5 minutes away from Marguery Exclusive Villas.

For more information or to organise your stand-up paddle trip, do not hesitate to contact the concierge.