The central market of Port Louis

During your visit to Port Louis you should under no circumstances bypass its central market, located near the bus station and two steps from Chinatown. Its building of more than 200 years old is one of the oldest on the island. The central market is covered and opens every day.

On the first floor, clothing and fabrics are the main focus, while on the ground floor, food stalls compete in colour and fragrance. Discover many exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as spices, herbs and even medicinal herbs. If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to try the local specialities prepared on the spot, like the mines-frites (fried noodles) or the dholl puris – a kind of Indian pancake made from yellow split pea flour and garnished with “carri” or a “rougaille”.

Recommended corners to visit

If what you are seeking is authenticity, we strongly recommend that you stay on the ground floor, on the fruit and vegetable side. Amidst an ambient cacophony, the stalls rival each other in freshness and are well stocked.

A little less typical, on the first floor, textile and basketry items are more aimed at tourists.

Feel free to explore the adjacent streets teeming with small gems!

A small anecdote: If you are looking for tomatoes, know that here they are called Pommes d’amour (Love apples)!

Useful tips for an enhanced experience

If you want to avoid the crowd, do not hesitate to go there in the morning, as soon as it opens.

You can combine this visit with the culinary exploration of Port Louis.

We also advise you to carefully bargain for the prices of what you buy